Modern Law Office

We are a law office specialising in servicing fast-developing companies from the SMS sector and in the provision of specialised legal services for large companies and corporations.

Legal services for business

The challenges the developing enterprises face require a professional approach. The companies aspiring to be sector leaders need trusted advisors who will effectively support and protect their interests.

Paweł Doniec
Michał Górecki
Ulica w Warszawie (nordic)

We are always available when you need us.

We use modern data processing and communication technologies. We respect your time and money.

The world is becoming more and more globalised and interconnected - we have extensive experience of operating in an international environment. We negotiate, draft documentation and handle cases treating English as the second equal language of our professional practice.

Engaged lawyers who speak an understandable language

We treat our clients' affairs as best friends’ affairs - we base our work on personal relationships and involvement of law office partners.

We speak a clear language - we understand the language of business. What you know well and understand well is simple for you - we can explain complex problems in an understandable way.

Transparent rules of cooperation and professional approach.

We are transparent - we define the rules of settlements in advance and document our work progress in detail - you always know how much you pay and for what.

We approach all the problems you present to us with tact - we consider professional secrecy to be the basis for a lasting and successful relationship with a legal adviser.

Individual approach to client

A good and individual approach to the customer, personalized to his needs. Great staff, professional advice provided in a simple and understandable way. Cooperation is a pleasure.

Małgorzata Parzych (HR Biznes Partner)
Rework Poland

Effectiveness in action

I recommend it because of the professional and comprehensive legal service, diligence, reliability and effectiveness in action.
Małgorzata Godzisz ( managing partner)
Rework Poland

Professional approach to cooperation

Sensational contact, professional approach to cooperation, flexibility in relation to the client.

Jadwiga Wasiutyńska-Banasik (President)
STI Sp. z o.o.

Professional attitude

A very professional law firm, with a professional attitude. They speak English, which is a big plus for non-Polish speaking entrepreneurs. Recommended.

Vahagn Grigoryan (President)
UpSwot Sp. z o.o.

Experts in every inch

Experts in every inch, and at the same time extremely friendly. I would definitely recommend the Doniec Górecki & Patnerzy team.

Janusz Maruszewski (Vice President)
JPP Group Sp. z o.o. (

I really value their substantive knowledge

I really value the substantive knowledge, understanding of our business needs and the involvement of lawyers from Doniec Górecki & Partners. Current service is very efficient – I fully recommend the law firm as a trustworthy and very helpful partner.

Joanna Wal (Marketing Director)
Ekoplast SA

Aware of the business context

An extremely professional office, aware of the business context. They use a comprehensible language of communication that allows them to focus on solving problems rather than following legal jargon.

Magdalena Kubit (President)
Jogurty Magda Sp. z o.o.

Cooperation was a pleasure from the very beginning

Cooperation was a pleasure from the very beginning. They handled the needs of my company very professionally, proposed functional solutions and completed all assumptions on time and to the highest level. Their services are highly recommended to any company.

Michał Wawszczak
Hope Polska