First of all: People

One for all, all for one

We are a comprehensive team of lawyers specializing in various areas of law related to business operations. We like our work. Our strengths are the ability to communicate effectively and humility in approaching professional responsibilities and customer needs.

What can we do for you?

Establishing a company

Choose an optimal structure.

We advise and help choose the legal form that corresponds best to the character of business and ownership relations. We take careful note of tax aspects when proposing the best solutions. We have many years of practical experience in establishing commercial companies, branches, foundations, trusts and other forms of legal organizations both in Poland and abroad.


Obtain financing.

We will indicate possible sources and guide you through the whole process of obtaining finance from private investors, funds or as part of a public offer. Feel your value and negotiate professionally with the support of experienced advisors.

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Intellectual property

Create and protect your brand.

Brand is your most important fixed asset. We provide protection for trademarks, inventions and industrial designs. We will help to secure your copyrights. We will give you tools that will let your business secrets remain confidential.


Build a team.

Your company is as good as how much your people can do. We will advise on the choice of optimal forms of employment and prepare model employment contracts, contracts for collaborators, managers and B2B letting you hire or retain the best ones. We will help you implement high standards of cooperation, resolve conflicts with employees, ensure protection of your good name and reputation. Your organization will function like a well-oiled machine.

Business contracts

Sign professional documents.

‘Verba volant, scripta manent’ (“spoken words fly away, written words remain”) as the ancients used to say and it is hard not to agree with it. We will prepare and check contracts with customers, suppliers, distributors and other business partners for you. Professional approach to trade agreements creates the right image and ensures credibility in the eyes of contracting parties.

Mergers and acquisitions

Combine forces and grow.

Larger fish eat smaller fish – but in business, however, all parties can benefit from it sometimes. We will help in making acquisitions of companies and businesses, minimizing transaction risks and optimizing tax burdens. If you want to sell your business successfully, take advantage of the negotiation support of experienced and competent advisors.


Learn the rules of the game.

As an old proverb says death and taxes are certain, but detailed tax rules can cause headaches. We will explain your tax situation and advise you on how to solve the problems. We will suggest optimal solutions, indicate the directions of changes in legal provisions. We will provide you with arguments to your advantage in case of audits. We will be your sword and shield in disputes with tax authorities. Our tax advisors help avoiding problems by checking tax aspects of all relevant transactions and other business activities of our clients on an ongoing basis.


Nothing lasts forever.

Sometimes the only sensible way to solve the financial problems of the situation is quick and effective restructuring or to start everything from scratch. We will advise you on the possibilities available to you in a specific situation. We will conduct negotiations with creditors. And quickly and efficiently prepare legal documentation making it possible to undertake restructuring, negotiate an arrangement or sell assets and pay debts off within the so-called pre-pack.

Regulated activity and administrative requirements

The vigilant eye of the state.

‘Laissez faire et laissez passer, le monde va de lui même!’ “Let do and let pass, the world goes on by itself!” You know yourself how little is left of the 19th century ideals of economic freedom today. We will check to what extent the activity you plan is subject to administrative regulations. We will obtain the necessary concessions, permits, permissions, licenses or approvals. We will provide detailed information about the rules of conducting business activity in your industry, about sectoral regulations, obligations related to personal data, advertising and promotion restrictions, environmental protection, technical supervision, insurance, reporting, property maintenance and many other issues businesses struggle with every day.

Public procurement

Win tenders, get contracts.

The public procurement market is huge, but you have to be able to move on it smoothly. Avoid unnecessary formal errors. Get to know the latest regulations and have your fingers on the pulse – adopt the ever-changing rules of the game in advance. We will protect your interests in public procurement proceedings, clarify any doubts, indicate the available legal measures and represent you before appeal bodies.

Litigation and administrative disputes

Artillery support in battles fought.

Court disputes happen to everyone – just like a dishonest contractor, an unreliable partner, a client with unreasonable expectations, unhappy misunderstandings or simple bad luck. We combine extensive litigation experience with understanding of business aspects of the cases we handle. We carry out recovery effectively.

“Nam et ipsa scientia potestas est”

– Francis Bacon –

Settlement rules

We are transparent - we define the rules of settlements in advance and document our work progress in detail - you always know how much you pay and for what. We apply remuneration models adapted to the specifics of the case and the character of the relationship with the client.

A fixed monthly amount including a pre-agreed limit of hours of legal advice. This remuneration model makes it possible to plan the budget and negotiate specific terms of cooperation. Based on the SLA agreement, we guarantee a specific level of service with the participation of a dedicated account manager.
Remuneration based on an hourly rate which is subject to individual negotiations. A preferred model of settlements in ad hoc cooperation or when it is not possible to estimate accurately the scope of demand for our services. We put emphasis on transparency of arrangements concerning financial issues and providing full information about expenses associated with execution incurred by the client. It is possible to set a maximum budget for a project or a limit requiringchujchucjchuchcuhcucuhcuhc additional authorisation.
A predetermined amount for handling a given case or legal services within a specific project. A cost of advisory services known in advance regardless of the time we actually spent on its execution. Remuneration may be paid in several instalments, including partially as an advance payment.
Remuneration usually having a character of a commission for attaining a set objective (outcome) and measurable effects of our team’s work. Applied in court disputes, negotiations with contracting parties or in other circumstances as agreed with the client.