venture capital

The art of legal hacking

We understand well the key business aspects, the specificity and the language of the industry. We provide comprehensive legal advice both to start-ups and well-developed companies from the technology sector. We help to carry out transactions and support investment projects of business angels and venture capital funds.

IT contracts

We service IT projects related to the implementation of ERP / CMR solutions in enterprises. We negotiate implementation, licensing, service agreements, agreements concerning the preparation of applications or their elements, as well as agreements related to the development of existing software. We help to develop business models of cooperation, advise on key conditions and quality parameters (SLA), and, through legal instruments, support risk management. We know international industry standards and move freely in an English-speaking environment (project management in English).

Web projects

We assist in the preparation and implementation of IT projects based on network solutions (e-sales, SaaS). We prepare complete legal documentation (agreements, rules, privacy policy, clauses), advise, inter alia, as regards personal data protection regulations, information security, intellectual property, promotion and marketing of the project.

Intellectual property

We provide professional protection of intellectual property in relations with partners, subcontractors and staff, and legal support in applying for patents for inventions, trademark and industrial design registrations. We offer instruments which make effective protection of confidential information and databases possible. We run specialist due diligence for companies in the field of copyright and industrial property law, as well as training for managers and staff conducted from the point of view of key problems of business practice. We represent parties in intellectual property-related disputes.

Start-ups, investors, venture capital

We legally support processes related to the professional launch of new business projects. We service capital transactions – we conduct due diligence, prepare and negotiate term sheets, investment agreements and shareholders’ agreements. We advise companies in the process of obtaining financing – we provide support in negotiations and transactions involving private equity / venture capital funds, and industry and individual investors.

Incentive programmes, options

We prepare and launch individual incentive programmes for managers and employees of companies based on subscription warrants, bonds, options or other financial instruments. We consider key tax aspects and the current position of tax authorities. We develop concepts and models of incentive programmes and complete legal documentation. We advise during the programme implementation and provide support for its effective implementation.

Exit planning, mergers and acquisitions

We advise on planning capital exits and maximizing the company’s value for the purpose of sales transactions. We represent parties in transactions of sale or purchase of companies and enterprises; develop concepts and transactions financing models. We service, inter alia, leveraged/management buyouts (LBO/MBO), reverse takeovers (RTO) and atypical transaction models that require adjusting the existing legal instruments to specific circumstances. We provide advice on possible ways to optimize tax activities related to the planned transaction.