Build on solid foundations

Construction, development, infrastructure, real estate

We specialize in legal services for construction and development companies, construction contracts, transactions related to the purchase and sale of real estate, transmission and road infrastructure market and in construction law. For years we have been assisting both residential and commercial developers. We protect the interests of building companies and investors. We support tenants and lessors of commercial space, warehouses and office space.

Construction contracts

We support both investors and contractors by protecting their interests by means of construction contracts. The problems of subcontracting, contractual penalties, additional works or contractual liability are secured at the stage of creating a contract or negotiating it. We offer representation in court proceedings arising from construction contracts. We assist in amicable resolution of conflicts between investors and contractors, as well as between contractors and their subcontractors.

Real estate development

We provide comprehensive advise to residential and commercial developers. We support them in administrative procedures and negotiations with contractors. We help to control the construction process in terms of law. We protect developers contractually and support them during negotiations. If necessary, we represent them in before courts and administrative bodies at all levels and instances.

Dealing in real estate

We create, negotiate and give opinions on real estate purchase/sale agreements. We have experience in servicing large transactions – land property as well as ready commercial facilities (supermarkets, shopping malls), warehouses, residential and office buildings. We examine the legal status of real estate. We ensure security of transactions and make sure the other party respects the provisions of the contract. We analyse each real estate transaction from the tax point of view.

Contracts of lease and tenancy

We have extensive experience in commercialization of real estate. We help to rent buildings and commercial premises at the stage of negotiations and contract drafting. We support tenants of shopping malls as well as the interests of tenants and owners of warehouses and offices. We help to comply with the provisions of contracts of lease and tenancy. We provide support in the enforcement of receivables from unreliable tenants or lessees.

Construction law

We offer support in the process of obtaining administrative decisions. We help to appeal against unfavourable decisions of construction authorities. We represent investors before offices and administrative courts. We help with sudden changes of construction regulations. We have experience in negotiations with architects, supervisory authorities and neighbours. We help to enforce compliance with the construction law by contractors.

Law Office Team

We offer competent advice of legal experts focused on creating value for you. We specialise in business-related areas of law

Settlement principles

We are transparent - we define the rules of settlements in advance and document our work progress in detail - you always know how much you pay and for what. We apply remuneration models adapted to the specifics of the case and the character of the relationship with the client.

A fixed monthly amount including a pre-agreed limit of hours of legal advice. This remuneration model makes it possible to plan the budget and negotiate specific terms of cooperation. Based on the SLA agreement, we guarantee a specific level of service with the participation of a dedicated account manager.
Remuneration based on an hourly rate which is subject to individual negotiations. A preferred model of settlements in ad hoc cooperation or when it is not possible to estimate accurately the scope of demand for our services. We put emphasis on transparency of arrangements concerning financial issues and providing full information about expenses associated with execution incurred by the client. It is possible to set a maximum budget for a project or a limit requiring additional authorisation.
A predetermined amount for handling a given case or legal services within a specific project. A cost of advisory services known in advance regardless of the time we actually spent on its execution. Remuneration may be paid in several instalments, including partially as an advance payment.
Remuneration usually having a character of a commission for attaining a set objective (outcome) and measurable effects of our team’s work. Applied in court disputes, negotiations with contracting parties or in other circumstances as agreed with the client.

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