Transformation into a joint-stock company, due diligence, legal services for the initial public offering (IPO) and negotiations with private equity (PE) funds

Voice Net SA is a leading telecommunications operator in the Podkarpacie macroregion serving corporate and individual clients on a large scale. The company has been consistently expanding its offer and expanding its customer base for many years, also through acquisitions. The competitiveness of the company’s offer results from the combination of attractive priceswith a full package of telecommunications and media services (telephone, Internet, television). In recent years, the company has been expanding its own fiber-optic backbone network.

Kancelaria Doniec Górecki & Partnerzy provided legal services for the transformation of Voice Net SA from a limited liability company into a joint stock company. In addition, we conducted due diligence of the company and legal services for the initial public offering (IPO). The law firm also supported the company’s owners in negotiations with Polish and foreign private equity (PE) funds.

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